200 Hours - Yin & Yang Foundational Teacher Training:

In this Yang & Yin yoga teacher training course you will learn two styles of yoga, two different ways to the same common goal of these polar practices: to purify, strengthen, harmonize and balance body, mind, and soul.

It an essential part of any yoga practice to develop an awareness that helps us to observe our always changing needs on a mental, emotional, and physical level so that we can adapt our yoga practice as needed – more breath work, more meditation, more yin or more active dynamic yang yoga asana - and to be able to offer our student’s a variety of options and alternatives. With this program you will understand the benefits of a balanced practice, and discover the various opportunities yoga provides to strengthen different aspects of our bodies, and to release physical and emotional tension and stress.

In the 3-weeks immersion in Goa you will practice and learn teaching yoga in a variety of scenarios and adjust to different needs. Additionally, there is a 40 self-paced online course offered to dive deeper in the topics of traditional yoga history, philosophy and general anatomy.

Yang Flow – Intention in movement

Yang Flow yoga classes have a creative and dynamic character and offer wonderful active ways of stimulating the vital energy (Chi or Prana) that flows through our bodies. The philosophical foundation of a Yang Flow practice recognises the temporary nature of things.

You will explore the powerful benefits of combining breathwork with postures. We enter into a pose, stay there for a few breaths and then move into transition to the next position. While physical activity causes the body to sweat and expel toxins, a synchronised breathing will calm the mind. As additional benefits of a Yang Flow practice you will be improving your  cardiovascular system and muscle strength as well as your flexibility. You will learn functional alignment principles of the poses and intelligent sequencing to ultimately develop your own style of teaching yang flow classes.

Through the Yang Flow practice, you create the perfect balance to prepare yourself to stillness and meditation. No particular body requirements are needed to practice this style of yoga and it is not targeted to yogis with a particular body type or workout routine.

Yin Yoga – Introspection in stillness

Yin Yoga is often titled the other half of the practice, provides a deep and meditative space of being that enhances your awareness, enables you to feel more subtle energies and sensations, and allows the time to listen to the body closely.

You will learn Yin Yoga’s components and principles and understand that Yin Yoga might be simple, but it is not necessary easy. The long-held static stretches have their challenge as well, in this practice we are asked not only to stretch but also moderately stress the deeper lying tissues in order to strengthen them. We find our edge in a pose, observe the sensations and stay there in stillness. The Yin Yoga practice is mindfulness in action. This process creates a deep awareness and the possibility to release physical or emotional of stress and tension stored in our bodies.

The Yin Yoga practice particularly works with the ancient healing wisdom of the Taoist elements, the meridians and the chi flow in the body. You will learn how we activate the meridian flow in each pose and to craft sequences according to the meridians and their
energetic value.

The Yin Yoga practice works with mindfulness principles to tap into our innate body intelligence to reach out to “zen” state of mind. This offers the opportunity to re-balance our mind and our body — unravelling energetic and physical blockages, boosting the immune system, lowering stress hormones to feel energized at every level.  

3 Weeks Immersion in Goa - Yin & Yoga in Balance

This Yang & Yin yoga teacher training program is designed to allow you to be able to teach the full spectrum yoga has to offer. By practicing both styles, we are re-balancing the body, mind, and soul at once, gaining fitness, and understanding to listen closely. 

Through finding a balance in our physical yoga practice, we allow this experience to guide us on the path to find balance on a mental and emotional level. Through working with our body and breath in a variety of scenarios, we fine-tune our insight and intuition, and this in turn will allow us to deepen the understanding of our own and our students well-being.

You will get to know more about additional methods and a variety of meditation approaches to support this journey. We will work with mudras, mantras, chakras, visualization and the power of breath. Together we create a safe space to learn, connect and share and invite a long-lasting transformation.

  • + 40 hours Online Content: For a profound understanding of yoga in all its variations we offer you an additional 40-hour online course (self-paced) to complete the Yoga Alliance requirements of a foundational yoga teacher training. 20 hours are dedicated to physiology and anatomy, and 20 hours will focus on yoga humanities, history and philosophy.
  • Anatomy 20 hours:  A comprehensive overview of the anatomy of the muscular and skeletal body, and physiology
    like the nervous system, overall mind-body connection, cardiovascular/circulatory, endocrine,
    digestive systems and the respiratory system.

  • Yoga Humanities 20 Hours:  Visit the theory of Chakras, Koshas, Prana Vaayus, Kleshas and more. This online course looks into yoga history,  philosophy and foundations like the eight limbs and Patanjali’s yoga sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

    You can start the video course any time after the sign-up is completed and you will have one year time to go through the material. Our team is always available for support throughout this process.


With successful completion of the training, students will receive a Yoga Alliance affiliated 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from The Body-Mind-Soul Centre – RYS 300, registered school with Yoga Alliance.

After the in-person immersion, you will receive with successful examination your Yang & Yin Yoga Teacher Diploma right away, but only after the completion of the online courses, you will be able to register as an RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance.

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