Amy Bellwood

Amy has practiced yoga since 2008. She has her 200hr training in Hatha and Vinyasa, 50hrs in Rocket with the Yoga People and 50hrs in Yin and Mindfulness with Sarah Lo.

For Amy Yoga is a deeply personal practice. As a Dancer and an Actor she enjoyed great physical release from her Asana practice, but more importantly yoga has become a vital role for introspection, comfort and for bodily and mental awareness, both on the mat and in everyday life.

In 2016 Amy discovered Sound Healing and did her training shortly after.

As a Sound Practitioner and Healer Amy creates Sound Baths and personalised treatments to aid relaxation, tune the chakras, alter the brain frequencies and to help heal and calm the body and mind. Using singing bowls, gongs, drums, vocals and percussion, Amy creates a different soundscape each time, allowing for an individual, and transformative experience.

Recently Amy has been exploring Breath work as a purifying and cathartic practice, both for herself and for her students. This powerful tool can be used to cleanse the body and release trapped tension and trauma. Breath work can be practiced on its own or in tandem with Yoga Asana or Sound practice and consists of continuous open mouth breathing, nasal breathing and breath retention. 

Together with qualifications in Crystal healing Amy tries to create a specialised, bespoke and personalised experience. Drawing upon all elements of her training. Expect strong powerful flows, blissful relaxation and cerebral release.

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