Ana Lucïa Fariña & Robert Sidoti & Tapashi Devchoudhury

Ana Lucïa Fariña 

Costa Rica E-RYT 500: MBA.MA.EYT500, Teacher and mentormusicican and yoga and meditation instructor- Analu is a dedicated student of eastern philosophies since young age.She has spent most of her life dedicated to the spiritual path inspired by diverse lineages like Vedanta, Yoga and Buddhism.She is the founder of Pranaluz Conscious LivingFor the last 15+ years she has been offering classes, workshops, Kirtans and sound healing therapy200 and 300 hr Yoga training courses, retreats and vacations in various parts of the world.

Robert Sidoti 

USA E-RYT 500: Creator and co-founder of Broga®, certified YTT yoga instructor, personal trainer, lifestyle coach and mentor, Robert Sidoti’s love for movement began at an early age. A lifelong sports and exercise enthusiast who first found his love for yoga over 25 years ago, Currently running 200/300 YTT modules, yoga workshops and masterclasses, and hosting international yoga retreats, Robert is wholeheartedly committed to sharing and serving the opportunities he has been blessed with across the global community. 

Tapashi Devchoudhury 

India• E-RYT-500: "Born in a Hindu Brahmin family in Northeast India, Tapashi was introduced to asanas by her father, and the wisdom of Vedic mantras and ancient Hindu philosophies by her mother very early in her life. The ancestral teachings of oriental philosophies and a fascination towards the human consciousness led to her exploring deeper connections between the body-mind and consciousness. There is so much information on our powers of self-healing and living a fulfilled life in ancient traditions, practices, texts and rituals. Most of this wisdom has been gathering dust under the cover of unpronounceable words and explanations that do not make sense to the modern world. Tapashi is passionate about reintroducing this wisdom to the modern body and mindShe leads a meditative and fluid yoga session, blending traditional hatha yoga with Qi Kung. Tapashi believes that 'Yoga' cannot be taught, it can only be experienced. Her classes intend to make this experience accessible.
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