Carol Issa

Carol Issa is a seeker, a devoted practitioner and teacher, facilitating, creating and holding self-transformational experiences for others through Yoga and her knowledge coming from all her personal researches and initiations, in Philosophy, Psychology, Therapy, Energetic Healing, Art, Shamanism, Dance and martial arts… Carol uses creatively these technics according to the needs of the group or the person she works with.

She is both a Jivamukti Yoga* & Kundalini Yoga* teacher. She has launched Jivamukti Yoga in Paris, and as an advanced teacher, she served as a mentor for teacher trainings programs, at both Jivamukti & Kundalini Yoga ashrams.

She teaches for 10 years in many big Parisian studios, as well as in Europe, USA & Asia; public master classes, workshops, events (Bali Spirit Yoga Festival, Women Fest in Paris, Chamonix Yoga Festival…) yearly retreats and trainings for teachers.

She is known for the solidity of her teachings, for her open heart, sincerity, discipline and firmness and her big sense of humor. Drawn out of her continuous studies, learning, and life experiences, her classes are impactful, physically challenging, flowing into creative sequences and mentally and emotionally confronting and uplifting. Some of her students say she is a “magician” “a soul guide” or a “breath police”, she has this “je ne sais quoi, this joie de vivre”.

Carol also offers personal one to one initiative programs as coaching/ guidance, couple coaching, therapy, integrative healing, emotional body-work treatments.Her work and understanding of human nature is as atypical, rich and mixed, as her life context, this middle eastern, Lebanese Greek, is born as French in Paris during the war, she grew up in the West where she have been based mainly all her life and built her career, and the East where she’s spending lots of time for the last decade studying with many masters, especially in India, and teaching retreats & trainings.

Carol comes from an Artist background as a painter, Art Director and graphic designer. She worked in the biggest advertisement agency in Paris, Publicis; and studied at Beaux arts & les Arts déco, as well as Philosophy (her thesis is on : spirituality  & Mysticism « The ways to Awakening the Buddha Self»  (non religious / none dogmatic). Today Carol teaches the Philosophy of Yoga in many trainings and her own retreats.

“Seatbelts on!”, Carol Issa is a seeker that will take you on an inner & outer journey you did not expect "More than a Teacher… An inspiration, a magician !"

One of my favorite classes is an energetic deep session with an infectiously joyful, yet firm and serious teacher named Carol. She leads the class in French — “Inspirez … expirez!” — but who, inevitably, trained in New York, Woodstock, cradle of Jivamukti. Yoga in France, at least the yoga I’ve found, is inescapably Indian & American» New York Times 

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini Yoga is a very special trasnformative Yoga using practices as cleansing practices and movements (kriyas & asanas), breath control (pranayama), mental work and concentration (dharana), Naad (mantras, gong…), Rebirth, Meditation with mantras or silent (dhyana), relaxation and white tantra.

It is called the  “Yoga of Awareness”, technology of human consciousness shared by Yogi Bhajan. It works on different planes of beings: physical body but also emotions, mind, memories etc
Every one can practice Kundalini Yoga, particularly powerful in its effects; it strengthens the immune and nervous system, stimulating self-healing systems. Psychologically it regenerate mentally, relieves stress, refocus and find stability emotionally. Kriyas work on the blood chemistry, the nervous system,, endocrine system and brain functions. At a more advanced level, it allows each one to develop his own inner wisdom, expand conscience and the relationship to the world.

What is Jivamukti?

The Jivamukti method is one of nine internationally recognized styles of Hatha Yoga.
Jivamukti Yoga is an active dynamic yoga, ashtanga based, flowing into creative sequences often oriented around a theme for the month. It was created between India & New York - Woodstock by Sharon Gannon and David Life. Jivamukti Yoga 

It brings strength & flexibility in both the body and mind; and improves the level of personal well being.
Jivamukti classes include dynamic movements, mantra, meditation, and inspiring musi
Each class revolves around a theme based on yogic wisdom and emphasizes the importance of practicing with an intention. The theme of the month is a chance to dive deeper into the teachings of the ancient sriptures of Yoga and understand how to apply them nowadays in our day to day life.

I remember very well my first yoga class; it was ten years ago, at the studio Beyoga in Paris, during a course of Jivamukti with Carol. 
At the time I was too busy trying to breathe and survive on my mat, to imagine in the middle of my aches that I was changing my life. Today, I know how to breathe and to welcome, not only in my practice but in my daily life. After the Vinyasa on Rock n'Roll soundtrack I also discovered with Carol, the great spiritual experience of Kundalini Yoga. I followed her in retreat, in the Cevennes, in Italy, in Bali, in India, and each time it was a fireworks of personal development and opening of the heart.

This meeting is for me a wonderful gift of life, free, generous, extraordinary.

Thank you Carol. Marc

So much more than just yoga  I met Carol at one of her kundalini classes, that are always so powerful as she uses shamanic healing technics as well. I then decided to join her at one of her retreats in Goa, India, as a gift to myself. It was exactly what I was looking for, exactly what I needed at that period of my life. I highly recommend it to those who are in quest of their real self, bearing in mind that the retreat is utterly powerful and cleansing!  Madia, 38 years old, lawyer

Pratiquer le yoga kundalini avec Carol a été pour moi une expérience de transformation. C’est probablement arrivé au bon moment…en tout cas dès les premières séances, tout s’est mis en mouvement, vers plus de conscience et de connexion dans ma façon d’être au monde, dans mon rapport aux autres et à moi même. J’y vais toutes les semaines et c'est comme si je faisais une grande balade en forêt chaque mercredi soir.  C’est toujours une exploration et un plaisir. On y chante, on y danse, on y rit, on y pleure, on partage, on donne, on reçoit. En sortant, on plane! Carol est chaleureuse, profonde, empathique, subtile, joyeuse - et sa pratique aussi. Veronica

Carol is a beautiful and generous person, a patient and joyful yoga teacher. A rare and inspiring soul. Thanks Carol, for who you are, for the practice you teach that goes far beyond the yoga mat.

“It is by Carol’s side that I understood that Teaching is above all a quality of poresence. It is by Carol’s side that I gre and evolved, sometimes abruptly, sometimes softly and gently. Thank you for the path you walk, Carol, it makes your simple presence a powerful and precious gift. I cannot wait to be able to join another program with you and receive more incredible experiences”

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