Daphnee Ollivaud

Dealer of good energies & activist of benevolence.

Yoga transformed me, revealed me, and opened me to the world. The yoga experience allowed me to transcend years of illness to come back to life in the most beautiful way possible. It is a marvelous and infinitely rich tool. A source of inspiration, of surpassing oneself, of tolerance, a journey towards ever more subtle self-knowledge.

Free spirit & curious, I chose to teach Vinyasa, the alchemy of breath and movement because it is for me a real pulse of life - and even if I do a lot of ashtangas! -

Just as yoga postures are not fixed realities, my practice is constantly evolving. Thanks to my travels, my encounters, and my various training sessions.

My approach is precise and it is with all my sensitivity, my freedom, and my « joie de vivre » that I pass on this wonderful discipline!

I recently initiated myself to Reiki, this is such a powerful & gentle energy that allows us to connect to the universal life force and to restore its impeded flow; then to Sound Bath therapy to make the crystal bowls sing with all their marvelous vibrations.

My latest crush, Prana Flow with Shiva Rea - the pulsation of the most primary vinyasa that is expressed in every cell & in the rhythm of our breath.

•Vinyasa yoga with Gérard Arnaud (French Yoga Federation 500h).
•Maty Ezraty 50h Ashtanga
•Laruga Glaser 50h Ashtanga
•Shiva Rea 2 X 50h Prana Flow

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