Eco Policy

We believe that our natural environment must be protected and sustainable development is the way forward. As a hospitality venture, we commit each day to caring for our local environment and resources.

At Nalanda Resort, we aim to reduce our impact on the earth as much as possible, centering our ethos around it. We have even pre-registered to be a Green Leader property when TripAdvisor launches the scheme in India.

Our commitment to the earth requires the cooperation of our guests as well, and we request your support in the various endeavours we undertake:

  • Since our company was launched, we have focused on local partnerships and responsible business practices with local communities.
  • Our operations are guided by the ‘Leave No Trace’ programme to reduce our impact on the local environment and support initiatives towards conservation.
  • We attempt reduction and recycling of waste and the use of natural, biodegradable products in all our operations including human resource management, vendor management, energy conservation, water preservation and waste management.
  • The resort has mainly used scrap or reclaimed wood during construction.
  • We ensure that no food goes to waste. Leftovers are given to those in need in the vicinity, while scraps are composted.
  • Our guests are urged to carry their own bottle made of non-toxic plastic or stainless steel that can be topped up from our potable water supply rather than purchasing plastic water bottles through their holiday.
  • We clean the resort rooms every day with natural products without harsh chemicals. To conserve energy and water, linen and towels are changed weekly during your stay. Please speak to the reception should you require them changed before this. To keep your towels dry and help them last longer, we encourage you to hang them up after use.
  • Nalanda Resort uses a natural, GMO-free effective micro-organism (EM) process to dilute and cleanse wastewater that is then used in gardening.
  • Our lush gardens and surrounding natural beachside landscape is home to bugs and small harmless reptiles. We avoid spraying harsh chemicals to preserve their home, and recommend you carry your own repellents for personal use. Close all doors and windows during the evening to keep them at bay. Kindly shower before using the pool to wash off any creams and lotions.
  • Should a power shortage occur during your stay, remain calm and soak up the closeness of nature and freedom from Wi-Fi connectivity. Nalanda Resorts believes in conserving energy and therefore does not offer a generator back up.
  • Our garbage is collected each day through a solid waste management scheme. Please dispose of your waste in appropriate bins during your entire stay in India to help our country be clean and beautiful.
  • Should you have usables such as clothing, toiletries or loose change that you want leave in India after your stay, our reception can help you pass them on to those in need in the local area or do it for you.

We encourage you to offer us suggestions to reduce our carbon footprint and become a more sustainable service.

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