100 Hours - Sound & Yin Healing Teacher Training

with Alexandra Denkinger
19 Nov 2023 - 01 Dec 2023 (13 days)

Welcome to a World of Yin & Sound: Explore the transformative world of Yin & Sound, where the power of intentional listening and the therapeutic effects of sound are combined with the stillness of yin yoga. This teacher training course offers a fascinating study of how vibrations and sound impact us on a cellular level, providing a holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Experience Sound & Yin Healing: Immerse yourself in the practice and theory of yin yoga and sound healing through this transformative course. Experience the combination of yin yoga therapy, yoga Nidra, and various sound healing instruments to enhance your well-being on physical, emotional, and mental levels. Discover how sound waves affect the brain, induce relaxation, and promote healing, while the stillness of yin yoga creates the ideal environment for transformation and stress reduction. Activate the parasympathetic nervous system, shift brainwaves, and cultivate calmness and presence through the harmonious integration of sound and yin yoga.

100 Hours - Sound & Yin Healing Teacher Training


  • Accommodation inclusive, bed linen, bath towels, hand soap & housekeeping services
  • Two buffet meals breakfast and dinner. Buffet lunch is available at additional cost 
  • Filtered drinking water & hot drinks including lemon ginger and chai (full day)
  • Full use of resort amenities including two swimming pools, relaxation areas, gardens and private beach access with sun loungers
  • Wifi in rooms and public Area. 
  • Pool towels - beach towels not included
  • Smoke free environment


  • Travel insurance
  • Transfers
  • Flights to and from the location

About the Teacher

Alexandra Denkinger, Acupuncture Therapist (M.D.Acu), Yoga teacher and inspired Body-Mind-Soul Bio-Hacker, dedicated to help people empower themselves to live the most authentic, healthy life possible.

As an all-time seeker on a soul-searching journey she came across many different yoga styles and healing systems. She moved from Germany to India to immerse herself in Ayurveda and Yoga nearly two decades ago. Life unfolded, she became a mom and took a break. But eventually she returned to her practice full time. She is on a mission to help people experience optimal health and long lasting transformation.

Alexandra hosts Nature Adventure Retreats, where she loves to take a group of people to outstanding locations and/ or to engage in nature activities like Trekking in Ladakh, Surfing in Sri Lanka, Bouldering in Hampi or Stand Up Paddle Board Excursions & Yoga in Goa.

Learn to play singing bowls:

During the teacher training program students will learn to play singing bowls themselves and understand in detail how to facilitate Sound & Yin yoga classes.

Singing bowls are musical instruments used in meditation and spiritual practices, originating from the Himalayan region of Tibet, Nepal and India. They are usually made of brass or bronze and make a rich, harmonic sound when struck or played around with a mallet. They are often used in meditation and mindfulness practices to invoke a sense of inner peace. The sound vibrations are believed to have therapeutic benefits for both the body and mind.

Singing bowls come in many sizes, each with its own unique energy and sound. They are used to create a harmonious soundscape in meditation or yoga practice, while some singing bowls are tuned to specific musical notes or frequencies for healing. Students are required to bring own their own singing bowl set of a min of 3 different bowls (preferably and standard
set is 7 bowls, available at the training as well).

Traditionally singing bowls were used by Tibetan Buddhist monks for religious ceremonies and meditation practices. Today, singing bowls are used by people all over the globe for wellness and spiritual practices, and in particular for chakra sound healing.

Learn all about Yin Yoga:

Yin yoga is already a wonderful practice by itself, but in combination with yoga Nidra and sound healing you can uplevel this practice into a multisensory experience.

In order to gain a solid foundation for your yin yoga teaching, you will get to know all about yin yoga, its components and principles, following the foundations laid out originally by Paul Gilley, Sarah Powers, and Bernie Clarke.

Learn all about the importance of the consideration of skeletal variations, functional alignment, and how to work with ‘yin tissue’ to not only stretch but also strengthen them. And you will understand how to address the physical benefits, safe ways of guiding into
poses and intelligent sequencing principles according to anatomical requirements and energetic aspects.

One of the foundations of Yin yoga is to work with the ancient healing wisdom of the Taoist philosophy, the chi flow and the meridians in the body. You will be introduced to all the main meridians, and the different ways to activate and address them in the yin yoga pose.

There will be the opportunity to practice teaching yourself to develop your skillset on how to transform a yin yoga class into a in yin yoga healing experience.

To provide insight and guidance for the practice we will dive into the subject of mindfulness and yoga Nidra in theory and practice, ultimately to connect our body to a Zen state of mind in order to create the space to allow energetic and physical healing to take place.

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