300 hours Multi-Style Yoga Therapy TTC (Hatha - Vinyasa - Yin)

with Ritesh Patel and Fernando
01 Oct 2023 - 29 Oct 2023 (29 days)

This 300 hours Yoga Therapy TTC will dig dip into the modern scientific approach of the Yoga practice honoring the wisdom and deepness of the spirituality approach. This 300 hours course will give you the necessary tools and skills to teach your students, clients and patients to prevent illnesses, ease symptoms, create protocols and improve their average health. You will get the knowledge and confidence to teach group classes and do one to one specific sessions, taking your professional life to the next level.

The education has three main pilars / parts:

1-Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Musculoskeletal Systems in Yoga.
(Yoga teachers are more than just Health professionals)

2-Biomechanics and Physiology of the subtle practice.
(Effects of Pranayama, Mantra, Mudras and Meditation in the body and mind)

3-Ayurvedic medicine. Healing with nature. 
(The Past and future of Preventive Health)

4-The Sutras of Patanjali and the old traditional wisdom. 
( Healing through Pranayama, Mantra, and Meditation)

300 hours Multi-Style Yoga Therapy TTC (Hatha - Vinyasa - Yin)


Non-Residency 1499 Euros.

Included shared accommodation and all meals starting from 2499 Euros*.


  • Accommodation inclusive, bed linen, bath towels, hand soap & housekeeping services
  • Two buffet meals breakfast and dinner. Buffet lunch is available at additional cost 
  • Filtered drinking water & hot drinks including lemon ginger and chai (full day)
  • Full use of resort amenities including two swimming pools, relaxation areas, gardens and private beach access with sun loungers
  • Wifi in rooms and public Area. 
  • Pool towels - beach towels not included
  • Smoke free environment


  • Travel insurance
  • Transfers
  • Flights to and from the location

About the Teachers

Ritesh Patel - Yoga Teacher and Guide

With over 23 years of experience in the practice and teaching of yoga, Ritesh Patel brings a unique blend of knowledge, authenticity, and compassion to his students. He believes in maintaining the traditional teachings of the Patanjali yoga sutra while also taking a common-sense approach to anatomy. Ritesh's focus lies in alignment and sequencing, with a therapeutic perspective on classical hatha yoga.

As a practitioner first and foremost, Ritesh understands that yoga is not a one-size-fits-all practice. Each person's path is different, and he strives to create a safe and inclusive space for his students to explore their own journey at their own pace. He values the importance of learning from his students and constantly adapts his teaching style to incorporate new insights.

Ritesh's dedication to yoga extends beyond the mat. He has studied various disciplines related to yoga, including Thai Yoga Bodywork, Stott Pilates, and Karate. He is well-versed in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, as well as anatomy, pranayama, meditation, and shatkriya.

As a yoga teacher, Ritesh strives to make a positive impact on his students' lives. He aims to empower them with the tools and knowledge to lead a healthier lifestyle, support their healing process, and prevent diseases. Ritesh's joy and satisfaction come from witnessing his students discover their own personal yoga journey, and he is dedicated to nurturing and encouraging them along the way.

Ritesh's qualifications include a Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga Education, Thai Yoga Bodywork certification, TTC in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, Stott Pilates Level 1, and various Yoga Alliance certifications. He has taught in renowned yoga centers in India, conducted workshops internationally, and currently serves as a lead trainer for Yoga Teacher Training courses.

With his deep understanding of yoga and its applications, Ritesh specializes in areas such as yoga for reversing heart diseases, yoga and Pilates for cyclists, and yoga for marathon runners. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Ritesh is here to guide you on your yoga journey with care, knowledge, and respect.


  • To become an ethical and reliable Yoga teacher.
  • To become a well considered Health professional.
  • To diversify your skills and be more competitive in today’s market. 
  • Get self confident with your knowledge and be trustful.
  • Share your knowledge and help others to be happier.
  • To communicate and work with Health professionals. 
  • Study and debate science with philosophy.
  • Deep in the Sutras of Patanjali as the core of the practice. 
  • Create fun and safe 75’ - 90’ classes.
  • Create efficient and specific 30’-60’ one to one Yoga protocols.
  • Be able to work simultaneously in a Yoga studio and a Health Center.
  • Assist you on how to create your own brand.

In this Education mainly focus on Yoga Therapy, we will use different Yogic practices for the body and for the brain, understanding the physiological changes that these methods create in our physical body. The goal is to expand the mind and facilitate healing, balance the systems and empower our skills. The fusion of old traditional practices with the modern understanding of the human nature, gives us an amazing variety of tools to help yourself , your relatives and other people. 

This approach will also give you a unique opportunity in the new fields that are emerging in the health and wellbeing world, helping you to understand other methods that evolve from Yoga, like Wim Hof, Low Fitness Pressure, Cardiac Coherence or Pilates. 

It will give you the skills to communicate with Health professionals that will ask you specific questions and you will also interact with them for the good of the patient. Many Health professionals do not have any kind of preparation in this technics as they do learn from old style organised institutions, limiting the understanding of healthy habits. It is time for the old traditional wisdom to have its own place in the modern health systems that have been denying their benefits for decades. If you want to be one of those high quality teachers that are breaking into the Yoga market and take your personal life to the next level, this is your course.



  • What constitute Mind and Body
  • The activity of the mind
  • The source of mental agitation
  • The consequences of this agitations
  • Reducing conflicts, gaining clarity
  • Potentials of a stable and pointed mind
  • Patanjali’s pathway to clear the mind
  • What the five activities of the mind
  • Explain the nature of the mind
  • Yamas and Niyamas
  • Others… 



  • Muscular system anatomy
  • The Biomechanics of the muscles
  • The bone structure
  • The biomechanics of the joints
  • The Anatomy and mechanics of the abdominal organs
  • The Anatomy and mechanics of the thoracic organs
  • BIomechanics of Pranayama and Bandhas
  • The Nervous System and the Vagus Nerve
  • Light into electricity
  • Sound into electricity
  • Others…


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