PANACEA RETREAT - Healing & Retreat Body, Breath, Mind & Emotions

with Shreya Agrawal
15 Dec 2023 - 21 Dec 2023 (1 week)

After the long pause from COVID, I’m excited to conduct Spiritual healing retreat at Devarya Wellness at their sister resort Nalanda Retreat in the very special location of  Mandrem in North Goa, India.
Water has a profound ability of healing, in Sanskrit water means “Aaph” which also means Love so near tropical paradise overlooking the Arabian Sea will stimulate love and self-healing.
Here you can give a pause to yourself and dive deep within and experience the yogic life, whilst immersing yourself in spiritual healing that can help to become strong mentally, physically, and emotionally and experience your new self.
There’ll be a varied program of yoga, pranayama, meditation, ancient chanting with nurturing spiritual practices in a safe and caring environment. The enabler of purely positive life changes, fun adventures, and laughter.
This life transformational retreat promises a never-ending treasure trove experience.

PANACEA RETREAT - Healing & Retreat Body, Breath, Mind & Emotions


What Is Unique About This Retreat?

This exceptional retreat offers the ideal mix of mental repose and action, time for you alone as well as shared enjoyment through a variety of group activities.

Each session will be unique and inspiring as you journey through the week, set around Indian yogic principles with pranayama and meditation, giving you priceless knowledge while maintaining the ideal balance.

Cranialsacral therapy for deep inner work for body, mind and spirit, glimpses into the power of healing of our body and channelising the energy of the body through varmam therapy and loads of fun and joy with your yoga gang!

Aura cleansing is a stunning and potent addition to the program through the homa (fire ceremony), which is regarded as a spiritual remedy with the ability to purify your aura and eliminate negativity. Working closely with your energetic body will likely cause you to experience a lot of laughter, tears, and a range of emotions.

The program includes yoga, meditation, craniosacral therapy and aura cleansing in addition to other potent healing modalities to truly get that energy flowing!

Energy and fitness are increased while profound healing and relaxation are encouraged by integrating yoga, meditation, craniosacral treatment, and aura cleansing.


This lush getaway offers stunning views of Mandrem Beach in North Goa, India.

Nalanda Retreat, located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, is home to 3,000 square meters of North Goa's natural splendor. A spiritual haven where yogis of all levels from novices to experts can congregate and enjoy everything that Nalanda has to offer.


Investment: £774*  – £1,164 Seaside rooms for single or double occupancy.

*NOTE: Only when two persons make a reservation at once. If you don't have a roommate, I might be able to set something up with another guest; if not, you'll have to pay for the single occupancy supplement.


  •  7 nights beautiful boutique accommodation and vegetarian buffet
  • 7 delicious vegetarian breakfast & dinner meals
  • Daily yoga, pranayama and meditation classes (averaging 2-3 hours per day)
  • Optional free evening activities such as music nights, chanting & meditation
  • Opening ceremony with Guru puja
  • Ancient Chanting class
  • All day filtered water, chai & lemon ginger teas
  • Daily housekeeping
     Full use of resort amenities including swimming pool, relaxation areas,
    gardens and private beach access with sun loungers
  • Free WIFI in public places
  • Airport transfers from and to Dabolim International Airport Goa (GOI)


  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Lunches are not included above
  • Additional taxis, laundry, shopping.
  • Optional excursions to Old Goa, Dudhsagar Waterfall and the Tropical Spice Plantation
  • Personal spending money
  • Any additional nights accommodation as a retreat extension.

Added bonuses:

You will be added to a private WhatsApp group where you can virtually meet everyone and possibly even plan to travel together. You can also exchange tales and pictures. After the lesson, assistance is offered to help you apply the lessons to your daily life.

PANACEA RETREAT - Healing & Retreat Body, Breath, Mind & Emotions Teacher

About the Teacher

Shreya is an experienced and trained in Advanced Craniosacral Therapy, College of Craniosacral Therapy London UK and Body Intelligence Delhi, Meru Chikitsa, Bangalore and Varmam therapy from Thirumoolar Varmalogy Institute, Coimbatore. She is a Facilitator of Yoga Meditation with The Art of Living.

She is known for her wisdom in Craniosacral Therapy, Varmam & Yoga Meditation. She helps her clients in releasing patterns and experiences holding people back in life. She incorporates healing with ancient science (Ayurvedic knowledge) and modern techniques in touch, breath, movement and verbal statement to enhance the body’s own capacity to heal on its own from various physical, mental and emotional trauma.

Her light touch can help to create balance within the nervous system, by inhibiting the Sympathetic Nervous System (flight or flight response), and activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest and digest), it reduces stress within the body, decreases pain and promotes normal function.

Craniosacral Therapist, Somato Respiratory
Integration (SRI)Practitioner, Varmam Therapy & Yoga Meditation Trainer


  • Have fun, laugh, and have an adventure with a group of individuals who share your interests.
  • Become stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally by engaging in profound soul work, letting go of emotional baggage, and dive deep into spirituality
  • Discover your inner strength in a stunning seaside setting while embracing the spirit of Goa.
  • Cleanse your aura in ancient style.

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