Juice Cleansing

Juice Cleansing – 7 days

Benefits of juice cleaning

There are many studies to support the nutritional benefits of a plant based diet, taking the liquid extract of plant based fruits & vegetables are not only nutritious but allows for maximum vitamin absorption into our bodies. Juicing can settle the acidic state found in many of our guts which along with a toxic diet can cause disease, bloating, fatigue, weight gain & various allergies.

Juice cleansing can allow your digestive system a much needed break allowing the body to heal & repair itself. By giving your liver and kidneys a rest we can start a detoxification process.

You may also experience

  • Mild weight loss and bloating reduction
  • Increased energy levels & less lethargy
  • Improved sleep
  • Clearer complexion

What to expect: During the process of detoxification and cleansing, your body will feel fatigued and weaker, because of this we do advise that the daily yoga classes are only taken if you are feeling energized & able. Our doctor will also advise you on this during your consultation and during the course of your cleanse program. The juice cleanse is a time for rest, over exerting yourself will be detrimental to your plan and health.

Alongside your juices, soups & waters you will given psyllium husks every other day, daily coconuts and an oil basti (enema) three times during the week by our Doctor. As part of your welcome pack you will be given a body brush for dry skin brushing to support the detoxifying process by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. Daily skin brushing also aids as an exfoliation process & also stimulates your nervous system leaving your skin feeling invigorated.

We do ask that you follow the program as recommended by our Doctor; this will ensure positive results for you & your health and safety during your stay with us. Our teachers, therapists and Doctors are all on hand to encourage & support you during your detox program, so you are in the best hands.

What's Included:

  • Arrival consultation with your Ayurvedic doctor
  • Three holistic body massages
  • One shirodhara treatment (last day)
  • Two daily classes of yoga if advised as part of your program
  • Three basti treatments (oil enema)
  • Meal plan & meals
  • Evening group activities including meditation, yoga nidra etc
  • Departure consultation with your Ayurvedic doctor

Example of Juice Cleanse Days 1-7

  • Yoga is available at 8am & 4pm however this is only advised if you are feeling energetic enough
  • Holistic massages in the morning (3 times a week)
  • Juices, soups and waters as advised by your doctor
  • Three oil basti enemas to be given by doctor
  • Between 3pm – 6pm Shirodhara treatment is given on last day

Pre- Juice Cleanse Recommendations

We ask all of our guests to complete a pre-arrival declaration and personal information form honestly & openly. Including declaration of any past or current medications, substance abuse, addictions, allergies, mental health & congenital diseases. In order for our professional health care team to best support you, you need to be completely transparent with our team. All of our guest information is confidential and secure, you can be sure that at Devarya you are in safe & supportive hands with a professional & non judgmental team

We recommend you begin to reduce your alcohol & toxic substance intake a few days before arrival including smoking, caffeine including carbonated drinks, sugar including artificial sweeteners, processed foods, meat & dairy products.

After Juice Cleanse Care

We advise to take at least 3 days to solid foods being reintroduced to your diet, such as kitchdi, soups & brown rice & vegetables all of which our kitchen can prepare for you. You may be advised on some herbal supplements to take away with you, this is chargeable at additional cost.


Whilst we take every care to meet your needs and support you during your program we cannot be held liable to cure dis-orders, diseases and other ailments physical or mental. We have an expectation that it is your responsibility to follow the program and all advice given during your stay, so that you will benefit as much as possible from your program.

Juice cleansing is not suitable for people who are pregnant, diabetic, suffering with congenital diseases, malnutrition or morbid obesity. We do not recommend for anyone aged 75 years or above. If you have any health concerns please contact us for a pre-booking consultation via whats app so our Doctor can assess the suitably of this cleanse. We reserve the right to decline this program on arrival, in such cases where your health is at risk or you have failed to be honest about your current medical health.

Cost of the Retreat: 460 Euros Per Person +  Accommodation* 
*The accomodation cost will be in addition to the retreat cost as the price can vary depending on the selction of the type of rooms and the occupany

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