Nirjara Aura

Nirjara Aura is a Spiritual Scientist, Metaphysician, and Quantum Healer all packaged into one. She is an energy alchemist who has mastered many ancient esoteric knowledge and experiences and technological age therapies. As a star seed, is here to enable individuals awaken into their own core power.

Being an ASCENSION MENTOR comes naturally to her as she harnesses tremendous Light transmissions and Code which enables speed in your waking process that will help you attain your Elevation faster.

She has learned diverse mystical tools such as tarot, numerology, symbols, crystals, aroma, colour therapy, and light codes through many therapeutic approaches such as Reconnective Healings, Theta Healings, EFT procedures, Samsara karmic removal, and Quantum and Transcendental healings.

She is a soul seeker on her own journey with a purpose to assist others move.

She was part of 7 different channels and network on television due to her immense power to connect and heal people on mass level. She specialises in  just listening to the voice of the person to make predictions and heal them.

She has worked with huge names from different film industries of India for reading their aura. Her karmic tarot reading got her many accolades and awards from different states of India.

She has worked in all the aspects of Media and her readings and articles were regularly featured in Newspapers, Magazines, in flight magazines, Radio and lastly Digital medium.

She is a Vipassana Sadhak and last 5 years she dedicated her entire efforts in seeking her own self and was busy collapsing many old timelines and initiating and activating her soul gifts from past timelines.

This retreat is a specially channelled information from her higher Guides and Source to put this new information across in the current timeline.

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