Osho Meditations and Mindfulness Training

Osho Meditations & Mindfulness Training Retreat – 28 Days

“This is the most comprehensive program on Osho Meditations & Mindfulness Training”

Anything that takes you away from this moment is the Mind – Osho

Summary: Osho Meditations & Mindfulness Training Retreat is a 28 weeks process 90-120 minutes each session divided into Four modules.

Module 1: Six Days
Module 2: Six Days
Module 3: Eight Days
Module 4: Eight Days

Education on Fundamental Principles:

Most of us are aware of fundamental principles around having a healthy body. If anyone, whether saint or the sinner align themselves to the fundamental principles of having a healthy body like – Healthy food, Proper sleep, Physical Exercise, Yoga, etc. will reap the rewards of good health.

Similarly, to gain a deeper understanding on the path of meditation by learning about the fundamental principles around below makes life much more easier and one can very quickly learn meditation in a very short period of time:

Nature of Body
Nature of Mind
Nature of Consciousness
Relaxing the Body
Osho Active Meditations
Osho Meditative Therapies
Passive Meditations and how to make them easy
Why is it difficult to relax
Right Meditation v/s wrong meditation

Meditation is not against life. It gives us the ability to enjoy life fully & be rooted in the present moment. In order to do that we will learn, how simple acts of daily life can be meditative.

Programme Contribution & Dates:

1st Nov - 28th November, 2022

Standard Sea Side Rooms - Single Occupancy: Euros 8500 per person
Standard Sea Side Rooms - Shared Occupancy: Euros 7345 per person

Standard River Side - Single Occupancy: Euros 8000
Standard River Side - Shared Occupancy: Euros 7013

The above price include the course fee, accommodation and two buffet meals.



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