Yoga and Psychotherapy Retreat For Stress Management

Di-stress to De-stress

* Stress Management – A mandatory skill for the 21 st century
* Stress – Affects health, personality & performance
* Stress – This word is used most commonly but not understood clearly

Yoga is an ancient art and science which was primarily designed to help manage and train the ‘Body and Mind’, in such a way that it helped achieve spiritual goals. The definition of YOGA-“Yogaha Chitta Vritti Nirodhaa” in Patanjal Yog Sutra, means, being able to regulate or manage the functioning/ tendencies of the ‘Chitta-mind’ in such a way that it leads to being able to be one with the spirit, the ‘Atman’ within us.

Although, a few people may be spiritually inclined in today’s world, as was the ultimate goal of YOGA, many of us go through day to day challenges which make it extremely distressful at times to manage simple tasks, lack of focus, have relationship problems, conflicts at work school or home, leading to the inability to achieve short term or long term goals. We may experience emotions of different intensity from mild to severe, which make us miserable from time to time, impeding the ability to use potential to the fullest and interferes with our ability to achieve our goals.

Psychotherapy or psychological principles help us manage such day to day challenges, problems and conflicts to an extent that we can manage our life better and make it easier and bearable. We may not be happy about some events that happen around us but it’s our choice whether we make our-self miserable about them or make it bearable/tolerable. As Dr. Albert Ellis says “People are disturbed not by ‘WHAT’ happen to them in life, but by ‘HOW’ they think about what happens.”

While working with thousands of people, we have been using both the Yogic Principles and Psychotherapy principles for the purpose of alleviating ‘DISTRESS’, and our experience as well as documented research in this field proves that INTEGRATION of YOGA and PSYCHOTHERAPY is an excellent way of building COPING Mechanism for managing stress.

* Understanding stress and its factors
* Body-mind relationship, effect of stress on physical health
* Understanding Emotions, the distress in disturbed feelings
* How does the stress response system work?
* What is the Neurobiology of stress?
* How can we use the Yogic Principles for handling stress better?
* How the integration of Psychotherapy and Yoga can be used to reduce stress?
* Disturbed feelings are accompanied with disturbed thoughts.
* How to tackle disturbed, troubling, negative thoughts?
* How to achieve work-life balance?
* Developing a plan to deal with stress.
* Using Simple Yogic processes and Psychotherapy principles for Stress reduction

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