Priyanka Parihar

Priyanka Parihar

Yoga Director at Nalanda Retreat

Namaste! I am Priyanka Parihar, hailing from the vibrant city of Kolkata, born into a traditional Brahmin family deeply rooted in Bengali culture and Hindu traditions.

Educational Background
In pursuit of a different path, I chose to diverge from the conventional career trajectory, immersing myself in the transformative world of yoga. I completed my formal education in renowned schools and earned a master's degree in yoga and nutrition. This journey led me to explore the profound realms of yoga philosophy, history, techniques, and various styles.

Teaching Journey
With a 300-hour TTC in Hatha Yoga and a subsequent 500-hour TTC in transformative Hatha Yoga, I delved into a dedicated practice to deepen my expertise. For over nine years, I've passionately shared my knowledge, teaching in studios and conducting private classes across Delhi and various parts of India.

Goa and Transformative Yoga
My journey took a turn when I felt drawn to the vibrant yoga community in Goa. In 2021, I made the move, immersing myself in the coastal serenity of a beautiful seaside village. During this inspiring environment, I encountered diverse yoga teachers, healers, and therapists from around the world. This exposure enriched my perspective on modern yoga, prompting me to fuse traditional practices with contemporary insights.

Spiritual Integration
Devotion to Krishna and a deep connection to Bhakti Yoga have been integral to my journey. This spiritual foundation harmonizes the physical and spiritual dimensions of yoga, shaping my unique transformative yoga style.

Life in Goa and Nalanda Retreat
During my time in Goa, I not only honed my practice but also found my life partner, who owns a breathtaking seaside yoga retreat centre. Now, I live, learn, and teach at Nalanda Retreat, seamlessly blending traditional and modern yoga practices.

Current Role
As the Yoga Director at Nalanda Retreat, I continue to evolve my practice and guide others on their yoga journeys. I am dedicated to creating a harmonious space where individuals can experience the transformative power of yoga in its purest form.

Join me on this holistic journey of self-discovery and well-being at Nalanda Retreat, where tradition meets modernity, and the essence of yoga unfolds in every practice.


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